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The Who, What, Where & Why To Becoming Better Humans

In 2017, The Australian Human Rights Commission conducted a randomised survey of university students, including students here at La Trobe University, and released the National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities. The report offered many suggestions for universities to adopt and while those recommendations are fantastic, students have a key role to play in changing the culture around sexual harassment and sexual assault.

This initiative was created by a group of Flinder's University students from the ground up, to reflect their campus culture but we think this is easily transferable to our culture here at La Trobe and what we think everyone needs to appreciate — consent, respect and empathy. The campaign is called Be a Better Human, because we don't just want it to be about what we shouldn't do; we want it to be about self-improvement for everyone. And when we say 'everyone', we really do mean everyone. We're encouraging everyone who is part of our campus community to take a moment and consider how we can 'better' our behaviour.

Unlock how to Be a Better Human

We've worked with La Trobe's Wellbeing team and other student associations to put together a fantastic resource booklet for you to use to become… yes, that's right, A BETTER HUMAN! Check out the booklet below, share it, print it, live by it.

Be a Better Human

Important Contacts for Better Humans

Safety on La Trobe Campuses
EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE — Police on 000 — then call La Trobe Uni Campus Security 0448 091 912

General campus safety
CAMPUS SECURITY — 0448 091 912

Support & Report
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